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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Making a 3D Staircase in Autocad

Making a 3D model in Autocad is quite easy. In the current post we focus on making a 3D Staircase. The Video provides a good explanation with complete details of the procedure though the low resolution being a challenge.

We hereby present the steps in detail (in writing)
1) Make a 2D plan of the staircase that you want to make by using the basic commands like Line(L)  poly line (pl), etc.
2) Create a boundary along the 1st step by using the boundary (bo)  command.
3)Extrude the 1st tread by using the extrude(extrude) command.
4) Copy the 1st extruded stair with the lower left vertex as the pick point and paste it on the top right upper vertex.
5) In similar manner complete all the treads.
6) Finally extrude the mid-landing and place it.
7) Create a mirrored version of the staircase by using the Mirror 3d (3dmirror) command and place in the appropriate position.

In this way the staircase can be easily created.


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